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quotebg1Specialising in the teaching of dance to young people from pre-school to pre-professionalquotebg2

Welcome to the Susan McMillan School of Dance


We can offer classes from Pre-school to Pre-professional and your child can benefit enormously in an environment which strives to remain relaxed and non-exclusive.

The safe and correct dance training of both children and vocational students is of course a high priority which is why Susan uses the extensive syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance.

The R.A.D examinations are accredited by CCEA which places the Academy's qualifications in the National Qualifications Framework.

Our staff are all fully CRB checked and the school complies with all the guidelines for child safety protection as advised by the Royal Academy of Dance.

ballet-shoe Improving and correcting poor posture, at any age.
ballet-shoe  Encouraging creativity and self-expression.
ballet-shoe  Providing opportunities for participation in performance.
ballet-shoe  Encouraging an appreciation of music with movement.
ballet-shoe  Building physical confidence and strength, and promoting self discipline.

Our School Motto - The 3 P's


    be on time for class and rehearsals


    be polite to your teacher and your fellow dancers


    most importantly practice your steps

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Those who move easiest have learned how to dance.


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